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Quiescent Arcadia

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Took me back with its grace and beauty, Charlotte! You are a clever thief!

Reminds me of the mood, fashion and esthetics of Erté*!


*(Romain de Tirtoff (23 November 1892 – 21 April 1990) was a Russian-born French artist and designer known by the pseudonym Erté, from the French pronunciation of his initials (pronounced [ɛʁ.te]). He was a 20th-century artist and designer in an array of fields, including fashion, jewellery, graphic arts, costume and set design for film, theatre, and opera, and interior decor. Wikipedia)

charlotte thompson

Active member
Thank you... I found this vintage in a forgotten file and loved it so much. Guess what the center of white is ?


Much appreciated !


charlotte thompson

Active member

You are so very close! It is a vintage martini glass that was my grandmothers. I still have a few left of these gorgeous glasses. Bravo !