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RZ67 Dark View Area

Ted Weitz

New member

Just picked up an RZ67 body and added a lens [180] a screen and a back When I look through the WL viewer it is very dark with a lighter area in the center when I use the magnifying glass.
The mirror looks like it is moving down fine after a shot, the screen and the WL are in place new battery is in, what could that be or is it the way it should be. I have a RB67 and the VF there is bright.
It does not look like in the attached picture :( Can't figure that out




Dawid Loubser

New member
Hi Ted,

I'm a RB67 user, and have unfortunately never used a RZ. I've used two different focusing screens on my RB, and they had quite different characteristics.

The stock screen does darken noticeably towards the corners, whereas a Beattie Intenscreen offered a somewhat brighter, more even image. My Beattie was slightly warped though, so I prompty stopped using it.

You don't, by any chance, have some sort of a fancy screen in your RB, and a stock one in your RZ?

Finally, how clean is your focusing screen / mirror? I've seen ones that have been pretty gunked-up towards the edges.

Perhaps you could post a photograph showing us?

all the best -