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Sapporo Fall

Steven Sinski

Active member
i had forgotten that on occasion i shoot with, yes, my phone. i was walking down the street awhile back in Sapporo, JP. during a rather wet fall morning. this area has a abundant supply of Gingko trees with are beautiful in the fall. I looked down on the sidewalk and there was this single leaf that was amazingly bright in hue lying there in the cool wet ground. on a whim I pulled out my phone and knelt down and took the shot and promptly forgot about it. this is the result from looking at it 2 years later.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I love it.

It’s so fresh and still vital if it had fallen by my own feet axsecond ago!

BTW, do you live in Japan and are you fluent enough in Japanese?


Steven Sinski

Active member
thank you. no, I do some media work over there "every now and then". I spool up after about a week or 2 in the language department. I know enough to amuse the heck out of some of the people I do work with there.