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Savannah River at Dawn

Harvey Moore

New member
This is one I shot on the Savannah River downstream from Hartwell Dam.

Took this just as sun was ready to show on the horizon.

A little later, looking towards the Dam

Both of these were shot with 5D and 24-70L. River rocks at about 30mm fl and the dam at 24mm. iso 200, tripod mounted, f8 both. Shutter speeds were in the 1/30" - 1/60". tod was 6:45 and 7:15 am

Criticism welcomed

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Hi Harvey,

Thanks for posting!

With regard to the first image: I think there is potential here. What do you think of the following crop:

Sometimes less is more, and to my eye this emphasizes the strengths in the image.

The second one looks pretty good as is. I like the effect created by the two sets of rocks in foreground and background, working at the same time as the mirrored reflections. Interesting shot.

Harvey Moore

New member
Thanks Don. I like your crop idea better than my original, except your crop removes cloud reflections in foreground.

I am making a project of the three dams along the Savannah, and tips like yours will help. I started this early last year with my 20D, the camera performed better than the photographer, and I will return to them with maybe a better eye this time.

I see you are in NC, not that far from me here in Anderson, SC. I am always looking for someone to shoot with, maybe we can meet up at some scenic spot for a joint shoot.


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