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Selling through an agent.

Tomas Johanson

New member
Hello from Huskvarna, Sweden

Photographer from the south part of Sweden. I have been in contact with Asher but i think it´s time to an more public presentation. Mainly interested in architecture, travel and fine art images. Works with Contax 645 with a "old" digital Kodak Back and an filmbased Arcbody. Print and sell my own fine art images.

I find no discussion for this, so I post it here:
I´ve got a call from Portfolios.com today, I have some images on a free account there. They want to market my images to their high-end customers. Of course I have to pay for it, some hundred dollars a year.

Are they familiar to anyone here? Is it just waisting money?


Harvey Moore

New member
Welcome Tomas

I visited your part of Sweden a couple of times a few years ago. Business trips to the Sinjet Company. It is a beautiful area, we stayed in a hotel with a view of the Lake.