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"Exhibition" Pictures for Discussion and Questions Several of our pictures selected by Curator for "Our Daily Photograph"

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Two pictures from our recent exhibition at Photo Contemporary 2015, by the Paris Photo 2015 Exhibition in West Hollywood, were chosen for Duncan Miller Galleries 5,500 strong photography-lovers mailing list for the daily art offerings.

Being selected by a commercial gallery does provide an independent vote for the assessment that our collection was worthy of prime time and that our price structure was reasonable.

"The photography fair Photo Independent was held across from Paris Photo/LA in Los Angeles in May 2015. Didn't attend? No worries, this section contains our curator's best picks from the fair."

The two pictures chosen where

1. Cem Usakligil, A picture from the "Industrial Landscapes" series

Industrial Landscapes - 3

Title: Industrial Landscapes - 3

Artist: Cem Usakligil

Date of image: 2010

Size: 13x19 inches

Format: archival pigment

Features: signed on back, edition of 25

What's so special about this work is that it's not just a handsome well composed photograph. There's much more as it is really a challenge for us to think about the society where we take for granted that apposition of leisure and family with polluting industry. Clem's vision is original and simultaneously both beautiful and harsh. That is the exceptional paradox and motif I see in this important series. I would seriously recommend those interested in owning some fine photography relevant to our civilization and worthy of collecting to experience his work at http://opfgalleryone!

2. Asher Kelman: "The Muse: here!

We are in good company. As other photographers recently chosen are quite distinguished!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Just to let you know how it works. The guys from the Duncan Miller Gallery scour the exhibitions and booths for the pictures they think are worthy of their attention. They are in the business of selling art and maintaining their own stellar reputation. The Duncan Miller Gallery is well-regarded and being selected for their "Daily Photograph" project, is an affirmation to both well-established and fairly "new to market" photographers.

(OTOH, our pictures were collected from OPF Gallery One. We're a gallery representing photographers, LOL! Perhaps the curator got muddled, but I must admit that I was surprised to hear, after Cem's work was selected, that they never, as a strict rule, talk to anyone but the artist and don't go through galleries!)

Still, they are a very significant and respected gallery in Santa Monica California and I would be thrilled that these pictures would be sold. So I suggested to Cem and myself to just go with the flow! Hopefully, this might lead to sales.

"Dear Asher,

Congratulations. We are pleased to announce our curators have chosen your image for inclusion into YourDailyPhotograph.com. We select a very small percentage of photographs submitted.

We expect your image to post tomorrow. Please check your artist page 20 minutes after the email sends to access the URL of the email for you to publicize.

You’re in good company -- in the recent past images from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andreas Gursky, Richard Misrach, Andre Kertesz, Edward Burtynsky and other photography legends have appeared in YDP.

Use these steps to help maximize your photograph's impact for the benefit of your career:

• Immediately inform your social media, email list, friends, potential collectors, newsletter, etc, of your photograph’s acceptance by YourDailyPhotograph.com. (Something like “Dear all, I’m proud to announce one of my photographs was just accepted by YourDailyPhotograph.com. See it there soon!”)

• After we present your photograph, we will post the URL of your email on your artist page for you to use to promote yourself even more.

• Many photographers have listed their YDP acceptance on their web sites, resumes and Facebook pages. If you do this, we simply ask that you credit our full URL, YourDailyPhotograph.com

Your Daily Photograph has helped the careers of many photographers (see http://www.yourdailyphotograph.com/artist-experiences). We’re proud to offer this opportunity to showcase your work among our subscribers in 74 countries!

Best regards,

Daniel Miller

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Although Cem and I are flattered by having our own work selected by the Duncan Miller Gallery for their own sales, it's really more important to us than that.

As all the pictures were part of a "self" and then a common external selection process, the standards of all our pictures were pretty close. Taking two of OPF collection of photographs therefore, reflects on the quality and appeal of all our work. This is encouraging to me personally as it vindicates my own judgement that we were indeed ready put our work up for the public to consider too.