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Shy Nymph and a couple other nudes

I had promised about a year ago to put some of my nudes up, but had a computer crash and forgot, Asher just reminded me.

So here are a small batch:
The first is titled: "Shy River Nymph", Nikki B is the model from 2012


The Second is: "River Nymph B+W", Nikki B is again the model from 2012


The Third is: "Exile", Model is Hannah Perez from 2011


And finally for this post, the Fourth is: "Nude Rapier I", Anias Folk is the model, from 2017


Note on the last one; in the studio with two Strobes with soft boxes, and two 1024 panel LED lights. It was part of a product shoot, after we had shot the products, and were just having some fun to relax before we switched to one of my "art projects". My camera in this case a T3i, was on manual focus for doing stereo pairs, I bumped the focus ring a couple of times apparently getting better focus on the backdrop.

On the two of Nikki B, interestingly both were also taken with one of my Canon T3i doing some stereo pairs, not all the pairs worked, but I found I got more images I liked on the T3i's than on my 1DsM3 (happens). In outdoors light I can use auto-focus with the stereo pair cameras usually.

BTW: you can tell it is my T3i if they file says IMG, whereas my 1DsM3 says LWI for Longwatcher Images.

Also, I was looking for more recent ones than the last, except they are all in a fetish category, which I am not sure of would be okay.
Comments are welcome.
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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
And finally: Nude Rapier


Tim Dolan: Nude Rapier

My goodness, that is long!

I’d be eviscerated long before subduing her half-forgotten self-defense! Begging for mercy would be the only option!


Tim Dolan: Shy Nude

I’ll sooner take my chance with the shy one on the beach!

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Am I missing one?

By the way the pages with all my Adult "portfolio" shots is:

With the specific ones I general intend to eventually show some of; here:

http://pleasureparadox.com/longwatcher/Misc Images.htm
http://pleasureparadox.com/longwatcher/Misc Images2.htm

I have a couple of more recent shoots not on those pages, but my eyes are slightly buggy, so that is it for today, also the second page maxed out apparently so will have to create third if I want to add more.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

This image is well composed and executed. It also seems right in B&W.

I think its one of your best.


Only minor niggle and suggestion is to perhaps lighten the water before printing!