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Sinar Hy6 Firmware Version 2.10

nicolas claris

OPF Co-founder/Administrator
Being released (afaik) in the same time as the new Hy6 (what an interesting beats BTW!).

It shows that Sinar is a great company, while putting on the market a new camera, they don't forget the user's of previous system… Much appreciated!

Sinar has put online on their website a new firmware (Sinar Hy6 Firmware Version 2.10) :

What is New ?
• The auto focus process has been improved
• A new option "Capture Delay" allows defining a minimum delay time between two shots, e.g. when a flash pack is not recharging fast enough. This function is effective in Single, Continuous, and Bracketing modes. Delay times available are 1 to 15 seconds.
• The camera release is disabled when an SCA flash reports not to be ready.
• The current lens type is now displayed in the "Firmware Info".
• On the camera display, below the hourglass symbol, different texts are displayed informing about the reason why the camera is waiting.
• Various error displays and image abort conditions have been added:
– Mirror timeouts will be displayed as error
– If the Dark slide is closed when shooting with a film magazine an error message will be displayed
– Film end will be displayed as error
– Turning off the camera aborts pending captures/- sequences
– "Disk full", "Film end" or "Dark slide closed" aborts pending sequences

Happy owners and registered simple user (as I) may download from Sinar's website.

I particularly appreciate:
Enhanced faster AF
Lens type being displayed