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In Perspective, Planet: Singing lessons give threatened birds a chance of survival

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

ALAMY: Regent honeyeaters

A critically endangered breed but
scientists have come up with an
ingenious way to revive their song

“Until the mid-20th century thousands of regent honeyeaters moved long distances throughout southeastern Australia in search of nectar and other plant sugars found in forests.

But the loss of 85 per cent of their woodland habitat to land clearing — mainly for farming — and to fires has seen the population crash to just 200 to 300 wild birds, distributed sparsely over a range the size of Italy.”

An amazing report
from Australia! Everyone likely knows how distinctive an ecosystem Australian Eucalyptos Trees are for many species to live.

Well a little bird is critical to pollination and now only 200-300 are left. So few that there aren’t adult males to teach a new generation love calling songs necessary for the birds to survive on this planet!
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