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Sven Boqvist 1962

Swedish photographer Sven Boqvist in 1962, when his interest in large format cameras got started. Here is his favourite model and love, russian ballerina Tatiana Baronova, when she visited Sweden. ( according to the story www.thepennpals.com ).


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Is that a river in the b.g.?


I like that texture in contrast the the overhanging tree!

I am surprised that there's a ballerina in the woods? It's beautiful but did he also photograph her in clothes that fit in such as walking clothes or no clothes at all?

He lived in the house behind her. Hidden in shallow DOF =)

Its a lake.

Here she is fully clothed.


And here is his camera, called Birgit.

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