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The Politics of Food In Jerusalem

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The Arabs of Jerusalem work hard, sendctheirckidsxtobschool, work and send their own Arab representatives to parliament. Right now, the Arab representatives are likely key to whoever forms a majority coalition Israeli government. When this occurs, a new era will be heralded in and be uncomfortable for the extremes of the political divides.

Muslims and Jews get along fine in the USA and cooperate from European capitals all the way to New York, on Civic Rights!

In Israel there are mosques calling the faithful to Prayer but of course, the people are likely to be sympathetic to their relatives in the Palestinian Authority territories.

However, The Arabs in Israel are at peace with their Jewish neighbors and attend the same Universities, with some as noted professors!

But yes, they are not feeling equal in status to Jews and that is a problem that can be addressed and will help with peace across the borders.

Meanwhile, the shared food is a bridge!