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The Signs of Season (Fall)

Ossi Raimi

New member



Thanks for watching, C&C welcome!
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Hi... I know that this is an old thread but seems as no one has commented on it I thought I would give it a shot... I just want to start by saying that I like all of the images :) I promise!


I like the idea but the image fails to have a point of interest for me. Maybe it comes from the deep DOF or maybe it is because the focal subject doesn't stand out due to the other hints of green in the image around it.

Maybe if it had been more centered and surrounded by more orange leaves it would have worked better, or even from a slightly different angle and a narrower DOF so that you eye can't help but look at that leaf as it is the one in focus. :)


Love the colour and composition in this one. It draws the eye to the center of the image and holds it there. I also like the tonal difference between the greens and golds in the background and the deep red of the leaves.

The only thing is that either your ISO was to high to compensate for low lighting or somewhere in the PP you have boosted something to much as you now have a little graininess/pixelation in the more solid coloured sections of the image. I would just see which it was if you can. If it was the ISO I would see about trying to lower (?) your F.Stop to let in more light or see how your camera does with a soft flash.

If it was in PP that is a lot easier to fix :p Just watch your image as you are editing!


In a way this image is better than the first one. The light on the big leaf on the right makes it a natural focus point. However with it off to the right the veins of the leaf lead the eye off to the edge of the frame and makes the image feel short and squished.

However you can seen how to bring one leaf to the forefront other leaves using a something as simple as a few reflections. Even though that leaf isn't a different colour to the rest of the image the other leaves just blend in together to form a background for that one leaf with it's inner glow and the strong lines of the veins running through the leaf.

I hope that those comments help :)

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

I like the fact that your autumn pictures is now getting the attention they merit! I love images of leaves. Even my grandchildren know that when we go for a walk. They constantly will look for a leaf to treasure and bring home for either science or art!



Your critique is well worth following. The second image has the advantage of the technique allowed isolation. That is the most straightforward way of grabbing and maintain attention.