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Three châteaux in winter exhibition

nicolas claris

OPF Co-founder/Administrator
I am glad to announce that the exhibition will take place in the Saint-James Gallery in Bouliac, from May 16 to 7 June 2014.


Organised by Print System, Print Dorure et Claris
With the support of laboratoires Central Dupon Images and Pentax-Ricoh

It is customary to show the Bordeaux châteaux in the summer or fall during the harvest, when the light is warm, and the grapes are ripe and plump.
But what happens in the winter, while the vineyard are resting and the branches are cut ?
This exhibition is not strictly speaking a story or a report , rather a non-exhaustive poetic but realistic vagrancy, from three vineyards. Images in large size and high definition that show finesse and romance where the soft colors contributes to the beauty and emotion .

Three châteaux in winter.
Photographs of Nicolas Claris and video by Romain Claris.
May 16 – June 7
• Château Clinet
• Château Lamothe Bergeron
• Château Reignac

This exhibition consists of photographs and video.
One does not watch a film as a photographic exhibition… There is a special moment for each of them . But believing that photographs and movie can complement add up and have the power to leverage feelings and emotions, we expose both of them!
So you can see different looks but in symbiosis , a multi-generational but shared emotion…


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I've had the privilege of having these images and all their numerous siblings to enjoy for seome weeks but had to restrain my enthusiasm until an official release.

Congratulations Nicolas and Romain. They're very adventurous and I'm so impressed with the result. The pair are now covering architecture from ultra modern, like the major Frank Gehry works in Spain, the majestic super-yachts, the domain of the ultra posh and rich and now grand rich iconic European Architecture.

I'll come back to comment on the actual photographs as they appear. right now, I'd recommend anyone who can't make it to the exhibitions current, follow the links to the Chateaux and of course to "Watever".

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nicolas claris

OPF Co-founder/Administrator
Thank you Asher
Your comments are always going right to our hearts!
You'll find below three images. One for each châteaux.
We will unveil the others after the opening, one have to tease nowadays!
This work is, obviously, pointed toward the vineyards owners to show them how WE do see and feel the châteaux and their environment during a period that is not so easy to capture.
One has the habit to see images of châteaux shot at fall when the light is warm and grapes well ripe and full.
We also wished, within our self given "carte blanche" to shoot differently each châteaux, in order to have a more wide panel and open minded, another challenge!
I'll be glad of course to reply to any comment here, but if one does appreciate that work, please "like" and share our dedicated page!


Château Clinet


Château Lamothe Bergeron


Château Reignac

I wish to thanks here the châteaux's owners who at first request did gladly open their doors to us…
A kind of courageous attitude!

PS no photoshop tricks here, all images are straight out of LR5

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Thank you Asher


Château Clinet​


It's such pictures that makes the site alive. So the tanks is to you and everyone else who provides life here!

So is there a glass wall in front of the barrel aging room... and is it refrigerated?


nicolas claris

OPF Co-founder/Administrator

There are large glass panels in the wall separating the chai (aging room) from the tasting room.

Thank you not to think this is multi images layered in PS for this image!
In one shot you can see :
- The Chai (with barrels)
- The tasting room
- The vineyard thru the windows

The C on the upper right corner is part of Clinet but also their pictogram.

Clinet is a "Grand Cru" located in Pomerol.

The chai is refrigerated in Summer only. It's a naturally cool place.

Very cool image! I was just on your website looking at the opening night images. It seems you had a nice turnout.

I have a question about how the images were hung. They don't appear to have frames. Are they hung from the mat? Or attached to some other kind of surface. I can see they are rigid, but seem quite thin.

nicolas claris

OPF Co-founder/Administrator
Hi Maggie
The image were printed on gloss paper, then laminated satin.
Prints are pasted on 3mm Dibon (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandwich_panel).

You may browse the catalogue of th exhibition:

Watch the film:

For others, some images of the opening can be seen there:

Nearly 200 persons were counted : D

Merci, Nicolas,

I will check everything out! :)

After checking everything out, I was pleased to find that to mount on the Dibond, here in Canada would be a little cheaper than what I pay for a Museum Quality Mat and way cheaper than matting and framing. A very good solution for exhibitions where many prints need to be hung.

I also looked at them all with the flipbook and really enjoyed those image. The flipbook creator you used is also very interesting.

The film was a lot of fun. So different from the pictures of these areas we are used to when the vines are green and the grapes are ripe. It was almost scary because of the music and sound effects you used, but definitely kept my attention.

In the second château, we see the vintner seems to be topping off his bottles. Is he adding cognac or an older vintage? I love red wine but know little about it. That really intrigued me and I'd love to know.

Thank you for taking the time to give me all these links. I enjoyed them all. (well except the wiki - which had no information, but once I read up on the Dibond, I am pretty sure I understand the procedure now. :)

nicolas claris

OPF Co-founder/Administrator
Hi Maggie
Yes, it is cheaper than traditional mat framing, but some galeries do prefer the "old" way…
The flip book creator has some version with free use (like the one I use) but the aim of this company is to hold for you all kinds of books, catalogs, brochures etc. so that their "engine" do search and index all words so one can find even thru popular search engines. Very clever imo (except that this is not a feature for pics!).
The film was not made by me but by Romain, my son, who does all videos for our clients (and even more). The sound track is completely made out from computer as there were no sound to record when shooting. Winter is really silencious in Châteaux…
What you've seen is the 2nd Châteaux (Lamothe Bergeron) is usual in "chais":
As a natural effect, a small part of wine is evaporated. This is called the "Angel share" (La part des anges) and, as no air must stay in the barrel, some wine is added to fill it up…
What you've seen is the 2nd Châteaux (Lamothe Bergeron) is usual in "chais":
As a natural effect, a small part of wine is evaporated. This is called the "Angel share" (La part des anges) and, as no air must stay in the barrel, some wine is added to fill it up…
That makes perfect sense. I love the expression -"Angel's share"! Very charming and poetic. :)
Merci, Nicolas.