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My World: To equalize the pressure..

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
I had to visit the hospital today. An appointment had been set up by my father-in-law with a consultant.

I was surprised, when I met him. Young, professional looking so so courteous. ' Your daughter and I were same year med ', he said extending his hand. I was taken aback by his totally American accent.

He laughed. ' she ( my daughter ) went there, and I went there ' he said with a pleasant smile.

We went through all the results. He was joined by an associate. They looked at my record on the screen ( there is almost no paper here )..

' OK, fahim, move your chair closer to this monitor ', he said. ' All your past pulmo scans plus the recent test are here ', ' including the one this morning '.

' No more CT ', he said, ' we are done '. ' Your lungs are stable '. ' The previous damage due to 40 years of smoking has been checked..'

I shall discuss with your father-in-law and your daughter. ' You know ', he added ' she is our critical pulmo support '. ' You should be proud of her '.



Thanks, I said. ' If you need photographs for magazine, funds etc, let me know'. No charge, I added.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

It's a return of breadcrumbs tossed on the water. Centuries ago science and medicine flowed from the courts of the caliphates to Europe and the medical schools were established in and elsewhere, often by Jewish physicians trained in the muslim centers of learning. Within a century, of course, Jews were banned from many of the schools. Ironic. Now another circle has been completed, with some of the most advanced hospitals in the world being in Israel and Saudi Arabia!

What's especially wonderful is that money that could just be invested in private companies of friends of the government, is also spread evenly to provide free health care to the people. I do not know how this applies to foreign workers or tourists, but still, it's a major advance on the struggles for access in many other places in the world!

Even more moving is the fact that when you, Fahim are getting that care, it's with the expert advice and open discussion by folks close to you. For that, you must have a sense of great pride and gratitude for these are blessings! To be proud of oneself is too close to vanity .................but to be proud of others is to know one is walking with the right people and doing something right in life!

So kudos to you and your adventurous family and a wish for further healing in the coming year!


fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Thank you Asher.

As one grows older, one of the major considerations, (for me and millions of others), is the availability of medical care.

We are lucky..very lucky in this part of the world to have advanced medical services available free of cost to us.

Ayesha and I are blessed, in more ways than we can count. Not the least that our children have attained the knowledge and skills to help others now and Inshallah in the future.

Kindest regards.