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Administrative: Update and reminders of the Terms of Service of OPF

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
In reference to Trumps executive order concerning internet censorship, this serves as a reminder and update of our policies.

Please note that this website is not a general public “Open Forum” rather a unique group of individually approved photographers who mutually approve and accept some censorship, in that some pictures and subjects are not appropriate to a small photography forum and belong in the behemoth public Forums like Facebook, if at all.

All members of OPF must remember and recognize that here that pictures or statements which any of the moderators deem offensive or for any reason inappropriate for our community for any reason or for no reason, may be removed without notice.

in practice, since 2006, we have removed pictures on two occasions I can recall. One was an upshot from below the stage of visiting underage dancers and the other was a giant phallus.

In addition, we routinely remove spammers, drug messages and warn folk where text is intolerant or demeaning to others. OFF-topic text may be removed to start a new thread. Any “deleted” content is actually moved to an administrative area.

in staying as a member of OPF, you agree to forgo any claims of unfair censorship or editors blocking expression of opinions.

There are be no envisaged changes in how moderators will curate the forum.

There is no change in our attitude just that this is a reminder that I must be allowed to continue, in good faith to use my, albeit imperfect judgement, biased as it is by my education and training. That means by staying here you all consent to my disallowing breaches of what I consider safe.

if I haven’t written to you personally, alerting you to unacceptable content, be assured your comments are all in the scope of what is to be encouraged. We need to be able to share how our lives and photography is being impacted by COVID-19

By contrast, we do not tolerate strong statements and assertions and/links to ideas contrary to, (or dismissive of), majority-consensus of recognized scientific official bodies of the Eu, Saudi Arabian, Israeli, UK, Canadian or USA health authorities.

However, I welcome, as a positive cognitive gesture, links to well-expressed alternative ideas sent to me privately, for my study and enlightenment.

But OPF columns are not the cauldron for fighting our alternative theories. That’s not our mission.

We exist to share our passion for photography, encourage each other and hold a lantern to ourselves and the planet over which we have claimed dominion!

Thanks for your continued support in our project!

Asher Kelman M.D., Ph.D.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
For new OPFrs,

For style and inspiration look up the threads by Nicolas Claris, Peter Dexter, Jérôme Marot, Doug Herr, Charlotte Thompson or Chris Calohan, to quickly name but a few, to get a sense of what works and is welcomed.

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