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Update : protecting photographer's image rights!

This sounds pretty rough... I think the main question is - qui prodest? Who does benefit from this? Not the photographers. Editors are such a minority that they can hardly be considered as a pushing crowd... Private users - not likely either... Who then?

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The publishing and advertizing industries can take any "orphan" images, graphic or music they want. One photo was discovered on a grocery product by the photographer!

When that happens, you work is being stolen!


Don Lashier

New member
Nikolai Sklobovsky said:
Who then?
Libraries, documentary film makers - publicknowledge.com.

Public Knowledge is part of a coalition that has been active in promoting the use of orphan works. Others in the group are: Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers; Doculink; Film Arts Foundation; FIND (Film Independent); International Documentary Association; Independent Feature Project (IFP); National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture; National Video Resources.
- DL

Asher Kelman said:
The publishing and advertizing industries can take any "orphan" images, graphic or music they want.
With the advent of shutterstock.com and similar rock-bottom pricing stock photo services the price of any stock photo are quoted in "georges", not "benjamins". Why go though a very expensive and complicated mass lobbying when the stock photo prices are already not your major expense?

My question was about "who will benefit enough later to pay huge amounts of money now"? It's not the oil or energy industry, you know...

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

What do you mean by "georges" not "benjamins" for our international audience?

Copyright issues are affecting a lot of creative professions, so they are working together.

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