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Video 50 Shades of Hours

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Music Jack Elliot.Diffusion
for best results open in youtube large screen

This is a superbly made photographic art video. It leverages drama in separate photographs, creating eclectic pairing with great surprises such as a cat in the dim light with glowing eyes, watching us. This is a well imagined and execute experience and altogether a delight. The surprise is that the title is at the end!


James Lemon

Well-known member
That is amazing Charlotte! I would really like to see the whole set posted here I must have missed some of the images.

Charlotte Thompson

Well-known member

Thank you so much….it may be against our leaders rules to post here I would have to get permission from our "leader but in a few days I will post in Photography as art the whole series.