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My World: Waiting for the doctor

fahim mohammed

Active member
Didn’t tell anyone for a couple of days.
Son noticed the slight swelling and took me to his hospital ER.

Yep, a fracture it was. A cast.
The image is my follow up visit waiting for an assessment.

They removed the cast that day!

I have been in Dubai the last week.
Flying home today, Inshallah.
Came to check out some cameras and meet some friends.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Well be careful!

I slipped on some rocks in the surf and waves in Cabo Mexico, (and didn’t know I broke a rib), and forgot about the fall and when the pain returned, a month later, thought it was due to meds and had a vibration physical therapy machine treating it! Wrong! Wrong!

Pictures last night shows a fracture!! No wonder it bloody hurts worse after PT!

We older gentlemen can’t be doing everything the 20 year olds do!!


Tom dinning

Old blokes falling seems to be a thing.
I, too, argued with gravity recently, and lost.
Italian hospitals have lovely doctors and nurses and a disappointingly carefree attitude to time. Aspettare seems more of a custom than a direction.
We’ll all recover sufficiently to fall another day.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
For me, we do need to be far more careful!

I thought I was smart, deftly twisting to protect the camera and zoom lens as I crashed to the rocks when a wave sought me out in Cabo, Mexico last August!

Unfortunately that broke a rib!

That leads to bed rest, (and screws up tone in all sorts of muscles), for the next year when one no longer is at war-fighting age!