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Just for Fun No C&C will be given: When all you had was your mobile...

I’ve got a DSLR in a camera bag in the closet and a non-DSLR superzoom camera in my work bag which would also have to be dug out, but my iPhone is always nearby at home or on my hip when I go out. So chances are any photo I take on the fly will be with the mobile.

I usually end up shooting sunsets, general scenics, architecture or events. Here are a few examples of my iPhone photos with a bit of post-processing to make them less crappy and more interesting, I think… Feel free to add yours with a bit of a story behind them.







Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

This is a great set and shows that the choice of camera is far less important than most other factors in the hands of a creative photographer.

I also like the sampling of manifestations of faith!

It's the part of the season that gets left behind and covers the strongest and weakest aspects of human character!

Thanks Asher! I often see people discussing the latest multi-thousand dollar gear and then I see what one can do with a phone... Especially when you add artsy later, it covers up any deficiencies while maintaining the nature of the image. Same is true with our old 1-megapixel photos.

I work in higher ed IT and occasionally see the evangelists on campus. Sometime small-scale student protests too. Reminds me of my photojournalism days ;-)
Thanks Michael, I didn't, but Asher seems to have forgotten about it so shhhhhh... ;-)

Actually, some nice work over there.

Remember how hard it used to be to shoot and process color-? This is too much fun.