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when oh when


New member
When will there be a Canon 5D sensor (or equivalent, meaning full frame with low noise) behind a Leica M7 or MP rangefinder (including whatever microlenses would be necessary to make it all work with those stellar Leica M wide angle lenses)?

Does anyone doubt such a camera would become an instant classic for the digital era? I've been holding onto my Leica glass hoping, praying, and waiting....


James Masi

New member
The problem is, of course, the wide angle lenses are incompatible with such a sensor -- the light hits the sensor at too oblique an angle. That's OK for film, but digital sensors are too demanding. 20 degrees from perpendicular is all the angle they can handle.

Leica will be doing a Digital M (probably out for Photokina this fall) with a 1.3X sized sensor (same as in the DMR) and supposedly will be producing new wide angle lenses suited to it.

Harvey Moore

New member
The Zeiss 21mm 2.8 Distagon T* has been revered as the ultimate wa lens on other fora, sharp to the edges and corners on a Canon 1DS2 and 5D.

Or do your statements only apply to rf cameras and lens proximity to sensor being closer than DSLR ?

I am simply curious here.


James Masi

New member
Yes, they only apply to rangefinder lenses. Their rear elements, particularly on wide angle lenses, are very close to the film plane.

The Zeiss 21mm 2.8 Distagon T* for Contax is perhaps the ultimate retrofocus wide angle lenses for SLR's. The 21mm Biogon for the Contax G rangefinder is just as good and cheaper and smaller. It has less distortion than the Distagon but more light fall-off. it is also as sharp across the frame as the Distagon (but, it unfortunately, can't be used with a digital camera).


New member
Tony Rose of Popflash.com has posted on rangefinderforum.com that he is taking pre-orders of Leica M8 for US4995 already, the camera is supposed to ship by the second week of Oct. ... using a Kodak chip, mine will be comin' from the far east. ;)

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Gary C-G said:
I replied but it's been deleted. Where's it gone?

What was deleted? A reply here! We don't do that!

Or you are referring to something else entirely.

It's very important to OPF that this is run with mutual respect. No one can delete any professional comment.

Please let me know directly is you feel that we have deleted anything!


Ben Lifson

New member
Canon 28mm lens and Epson R-D1

What with my passion being for pictures not equipment and my technical knowledge being limited, I'm hesitant to join this thread. However, as Moderator I think I should let readers know that my screw mount Canon 28mm lens (w/ Leica M-Mount adaptor) works perfectly well on my Epson R-D1. Also, 28mm is one of the R-D1's setting for frame lines within the view finder--indicating that the camera is designed to accept and perform well with both Leitz and Cossina Voigtlander 28mm lenses. I'll check on this. I also seem to recall that the Cossina Voigtlander 25mm lens works well on the R-D1.

In light of Tony Rose's $4995 price tag for the Leica digital M, the R-D1S's $2,000 price seems rather attractive for such a good digital rangefinder camera.

For a lengthy report on the Epson R-D1 after 18 months' use, see my article on the "Leica the Only Quality Compact Digital" thread.

The only difference between the Leica M's and the Epson R-D1 that I've perceived in over 18 months using the R-D1 is that although the R-D1 is modeled after the M series Leicas it doesn't have the latter's ruggedness and endurance. Using it as I used my M2s, M3s and M4s had required an adjustment of the way I handle it toward the tender side. Otherwise it's a great camera and performs beautifully with all old Leica lenses I've put on it.

More later when I can check technical details.

Gary C-G

New member
I enjoyed reading your review, thanks for all the effort. My Leica (much loved and travelled with me all around the globe) and Summicron 35/2 were stolen in 2004.

Reading your review I started getting enthusiastic about the Epson with the 12mm or 15mm. The reason I stayed away is I want wide. 35mm and wider.

Anyway the excitement faded away when I noticed the max apertures of those Cosina Voitlanders :(

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Although the new Leica is expensive, when you consider the cost of used exotic wide angle lenses for DSLR's and the availablity of so many choices for Leica mounts, if one is into street photography (stealth), theater or concert photography (quiet shutter) or wide angle (economy for the best lenses), the two current digital rangefinders are a very worthy of consideration.

For me, the one major factor would be the highest ISO possible with correctable noise with widest lens apertures available at digestable prices.

If that was covered, I'll gladly sell my my wide Distagons for my DSLR's!