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Who are your favourite photographers?

James Cook

New member

All these are wonderful additions and each covers a different experience in photography. Can you identify any particular qualities or way of working of all these photographers works that you have managed to have guide and inform your own work.

I've always had a passion for documentary photography so I appreciate those that portray an era and/or have the (accidental?) foresight to record things that will tell those of the future about what has been. To me, that includes people and portraiture (Riis, Lang, Karsh...) when the photo shows how the famous looked and the unknown lived.

Combine that with an artistic skill and you have it all in my thinking. Arnold Newman drilled on the need to know art history because you can only know what's new if you know what has been. Yet nothing is really new.

Today is tomorrow's history. I long to leave a photographic record that is also seen as art.

Tenneson obviously fits outside the documentary circle, but her art, and especially her strong personal style have provided great inspirations and aspirations. I know where she was in 1970 and have seen her succeed through hard work and a strong belief in herself. I recall being offended by her harsh classroom critiques and her failure to recognize how great ;-) my first images were. She caused me to become much better than I would have been.

The common denominator of them all is their ongoing devotion to their vision in building a body of work that will continue to be an influence for many years to come.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Combine that with an artistic skill and you have it all in my thinking. Arnold Newman drilled on the need to know art history because you can only know what's new if you know what has been. Yet nothing is really new.
Thanks so much for sharing what's important to you. This particular learning point, on art history, is worth repeating for al of us. It's the landscape against which any serious work will be viewed by others. Also other artists have struggled with materializing their thoughts and the range of expression helps us develop our own separate paths. Mostly it's the great inspiration other art gives us.


Mark Hampton

New member
Could be! I wondered about that myself. The blog uses the first person, I, all the time and not we!

I looked at the pictures for an identification in the IPTC file, but there's none. Do you know them? I'd love to know who does what!


I ken them both - the both do everything. I am trying to track down some of their art - but it’s hard to find on the web... I have one of harrys pictures on my wall I may have to re-photograph it.


Rachel Foster

New member
My daughter and I were in Chicago this weekend to see the Joffrey Ballet dance the Nutcracker (NOBODY does it better than the Joffrey!). We had a chance to visit the Art Institute this afternoon before catching the train home.

I was VERY impressed by the photographs on display taken by Richard Nickels. He captured what have so often wanted to get but failed at.

Helene Anderson

New member
Jacob Riis, 1849 - 1914. A Danish photographe r who brought ot people attention thepoverty in New York from the 1880s' on.

James Nachtwey, in fact all others that do similar work to him.

Karl Grobl, Humanitarian Photographer.

Ami Vitale who I saw on a documentary here on 'ARTE'.

Allia Everett who I discovered while watching a documentary 'In Harms Way' with her and Zoriah Miller.

Oh, the chap who runs the website Urban75 who just photographs things around him, that interest him, who lets us see his world. Plus, I have many happy childhood memories of Brixton!

There are probably loads of other photographers whose work I like but can't remember all their names for the moment.

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
April, Mr. Sebastiao Salgado was in Jeddah for opening an exhibition of his works.

I was fortunate, to be there. Mr. Salgado posed with fans for photographs and book signing.
I was unable to get a photograph with him, due to the number of people that were there.

I, however, got myself a signed copy of ' Genesis '. Also attended a short talk given by him.

A superb photographer, and a very down to earth person.

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Antonio, thanks for posting the links. The last one don't open for me.

Doug, I wouldn't argue with your choice. Wonderful photographer.


Andy brown

Well-known member
Thanks very much Antonio.
I thoroughly enjoyed that wander through his offerings.
I know it is my bias but I think his nature imagery is by far the best. Interesting considering his architectural background. For me, his nature work leaves the cityscapes for dead.