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In Perspective, Fun: Who do they think they're kidding? PS in the press!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Well, the Russian elite really like expensive watches!

"Patriarch Kirill has a classical model of Breguet: the watch case is made from white gold, the wristlet is made from crocodile leather, the mechanism is automatic, and there is also an alarm clock. The price for this model is somewhere from 28 thousand EUR to 36 thousand EUR depending on the company and seller."Source

Trouble is that folk complained that the Patriarch who had just deiivered a sermon on austerity and modesty was somewhat out of line!

Source Photo:: Patriarch Kirill wears a Breguet

"Russian bloggers have expressed particular outrage about the patriarch’s watch, rumored to be a Breguet time piece worth tens of thousands of dollars. It was first sighted on the wrist of the patriarch in 2009 on a visit to Ukraine, where he held forth in a televised interview on the importance of asceticism. At the time, a Ukrainian news site, V.I.P. Glavred, published a close-up photograph of the watch apparently poking out from beneath the patriarch’s vestments. The site also identified the watch as a Breguet Réveil du Tsar model, which retails for about $30,000." (New york times, see link below).

So they claimed that the picture was a forgery. Then the patriarch assured everyone that he didn't own such a watch and here's the original picture to prove it!

The person who did the photoshopping is being reprimanded! (I hope he is forced to fly out to N&H to get Photoshop 101 lessons!. Hint: never leave in the reflection :)

So one blogger in Russia came up with this response and claimed that the watch was being interviewed and the patriarch was noi actually present and has the original picture to prove it!

"The embarrassing discovery further stoked anger over the church and its often lavish displays of wealth and power. It also struck yet another blow to the moral authority of Russian officialdom, which has been dwindling rapidly in light of recent scandals involving police abuse, electoral fraud and blatant corruption."

Read the full story in the New York times here.

So now we know!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Hamodia, as a matter of editorial board policy, refuses to publish photographs of women since it considers the female body to be immodest. In that same article, Menachem Lubinsky, the marketing consultant for the newspaper, explained that this modesty policy is in the strictest interpretation of Jewish law. The newspaper's publisher -- a woman -- refused to speak with Berkman for modesty reasons.

Hamodia, which has been publishing papers since 1910, has never published a photo of Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir or Queen Elizabeth or Madeleine Albright or Hillary Clinton.

Most likely, ultra-Orthodox Jewish newspapers like Hamodia could have continued to follow this policy of refusing to publish photos of women under the radar had one newspaper not made the recent decision to use Photoshop to alter an official photo released by the White House. Source

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
We don't need to guess, because it was already discussed here.

And, about the watch: quite frankly, I would not be able to tell what kind of watch that priest is wearing from the published picture. Besides, Russia makes very good counterfeit watches.
I forgot! Thanks. I was just trying to show some balance that I can poke fun in all directions!