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Wonderful jazz concert

Doug Kerr

Well-known member
In another recent post, I gave a little background in the establishment of our newest multipurpose arts venue here in Alamogordo, New Mexico, "Otero ArtSpace".

On November 11. 2023, Otero Arts. Inc., the operator of ArtSpace, presented a wonderful jazz concert there by the jazz quintet "Footprints" together with vocalist Jessika Brust (a sergeant with the US Army, in fact).

The performance space of the venue is not theater-like, but in fact is a "ballroom" about 60 feet square. In fact, the art exhibit of which I recently told you still hung on the walls. It was a wonderful environment for the concert.

The instrumentalists all have extensive resumes including teaching at the college level and such. The vocalist has extensive musical training and experience, including in opera and musical comedy.

But on to some pictures.

First the "official" shot of the group:

Footprints Jazz quintet.jpg

From the left: Francisco/"Frank"/"Pancho" Romero, the leader, (flugelhorn and trumpet); Ruben Galvan (drums); Jessika Brust (vocalist and violin); Josh Carter (tenor saxophone); and Christian Chesanek (upright bass). They are all from this general area (Carter in fact from Alamogordo itself. Not shown from the night's ensemble: Miguel Torres (keyboard).

The remaining images are all by Douglas A. Kerr.

Here we see the instrumental ensemble proper:


And here is Jessika:


Here we see a shot of most of the "house":


A shot of the bassist:


Finally, a still life: trumpet, violin, and Flugelhorn:


It was overall a wonderful evening.

Best regards,