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Work in Bangladesh!

Nicolas Claris

In another but beautiful thread Antonio invited OPFers to post their own works about "Work".

I don't wish to spoil his thread and mixed-up images, Antonio's desserve to be seen as a series, not to be disturbed by similar approaches but of course different…
So here is some images part of my exhibition "BANGLADESH!" shot and exhibited in 2013.

It's all about hard life and work…

Above: Rohingya fishermen

Above: Rohingya young fisherman

Above: Rohingya people

All shot with a Pentax 645D

Nicolas Claris

Well... Some were posted before.
The one from above: drone photograph ?

They make a good set and they are all nicely done.
Yes Antonio, some were already posted here , but not as a "series".
You've got a damned good memory!

No, no drone, I won't put my Pentax under these machines (we have 2 actually, but for video only or some requested panoramic that we stitch afterwards.)
This photo was shot from a bridge!