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Writing your artist statement

Rachel McLain

New member
Writing my artist statement is a continual struggle for me. It's never quite right. I can never quite express in words what my photography is to me (despite that fact that I write for a living!).

Anyone have sure fire ways? Hints, tips?

Do we maybe just want to share artist statements and talk about them??

(As an aside, I have the hardest time deciding where to post things. So many fora to choose from!)

Here's my current artist statement (this one is a bio/artist statement combination):

My work focuses on transformations, the mundane, and connections with nature. Because my own life has been transformed through loss and trauma, I focus on showing natural transformations in my work. Transformations alter the original, but usually not so that is it completely unrecognizable. Using depth of field and natural light, I lead the viewer to focus on isolated details and show them intimate examinations of transformations created with water drops, reflections, or shadows.

My experiences with loss and trauma are also the impetus for shooting small and often overlooked parts of nature. Through my experiences, I learned to find beauty in the small and commonplace details of life. In my work I show that small and seemingly mundane facets of nature are filled with marvels that change from moment to moment.

My work draws the viewer into little-seen portions of the natural world and purposefully captures ephemeral and transient moments in nature. Using photography and minimal post-processing, I show the viewer that these objects exist in the natural world. Because photography feels innately familiar to our eyes, my work often prompts viewers to look for these tiny details in nature for themselves which helps build their own connection to nature. I work almost exclusively in natural light because that feels like an extension of my connection with nature.

Originally from Texas, I moved to Oregon in 1998 and remain (mostly) enthusiastic about the frequent opportunities the Pacific Northwest gives me to indulge my fascination for water in all its forms. My work has been shown in many juried, group, and solo shows and is part of the permanent art collection at the Peace Health Shared Services Center in Vancouver, Washington, and the Peace Health Sacred Heart Medical Center University District in Eugene, Oregon. It also graces private collections internationally.


Rachel McLain

New member
Wanted to add, FWIW, that I have QR codes for my website and my facebook page at the bottom of my artist statement. (Well, for the version that gets posted at shows anyway.)