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News: XF camera system

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Capture One has announced a replacement for their aging 645DF+:


completely redesigned camera
new af system
removable viewfinder / waist level finder available
soft configured controls and new side display
for the IQ series of backs.

Apparently built by Mamiya and should also be available under the Mamiya brand shortly.

Also 2 new lenses: 35LS and 120LS.


I have no doubt that this is a superb camera and even one that I might eventually rent for a busy weekend. However, with my very rough comparison of the previous 80 MP Phase One IQ280, it clearly had more detail in the hair at 6" -10" viewing distance than a 50" print from the Sony A7R. At normal viewing distances, the Phase One system, otherwise, was not obviously superior. In fact, the contrast of the Sony images are more impressive. No doubt, in other hands, such differences can be overcome by selective post-processing, but as yet, I have not achieved that.

The Sony offering is now updated and so I doubt that the difference is going to be very great for most work. Where the Phase One will excel is in detail rich landscape images or copying major artwork life-size.

In practical terms, the fact that almost any full frame lens one owns can be adapted to the Sony system, and with the arrival of image stabilization, it's hard to find conditions where the light weight and versatility of the Sony camera will be overtaken by the higher MP count and better simultaneous live view and leaf shutter lenses of the Phase One System.

Still, if I had a choice, for any studio shoot, I'd always select the Phase One DF in one Hollywood second! Why, it's just built so well for that job and leaf shutter lenses synch at high speed making work with models so much easier. Touch screen focus is an added wonder!