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  1. D

    Nuttall's Woodpecker

    A pair of Nuttall's Woodpeckers have excavated a nest cavity. the Acorn Woodpecker tried to evict Ms. Nuttall's Mr. Nuttall's raised the alarm & a scuffle ensued but the Nuttall's pair prevailed.
  2. D

    Western Bluebird

  3. D

    Japan birds

    A few photos from last month's visit to Japan (Honshu & Okinawa). All photos: Sony a7rIII, 100-400 GM
  4. P

    Orange-bellied Euphonia

    The description in a well known field guide begins with "no obvious orange on belly". This is the most common Euphonia at higher altitudes.
  5. D

    Pied-billed Grebe

    Fair Oaks California 29 December 2019
  6. D

    Ruby-crowned Kinglet

    IMBY, 25 December 2019
  7. R

    Pelican Takeoff

    Funday Munday in paradise - Bay of Fonseca, La Union, El Salvador
  8. D


    I've recently added a 600mm f/4 lens to my toybox toolbox. It's a beast and it attracts too much attention, but having said this I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
  9. P

    Multicolored Tanager

    Endemic to Colombia
  10. P

    Usual Suspect

    Male Red-headed Barbet
  11. P

    Plain Antvireo

    A male:
  12. D

    recent photos

    Marin County California, 04 October Sacramento County, 10 October
  13. D

    Common Merganser

    Common Merganser, Sacramento County California
  14. D

    Curve-billed Thrasher

    Cochise County Arizona
  15. D

    Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area birds

    Yolo Bypass wildlife area, a few days ago all: a7rIII, 100-400 GM
  16. P


    A female Red-headed Barbet (only the male has red head).
  17. D

    Sierra and Plumas Counties, California

    American Dipper, Sierra County California a7rIII, 100-400 GM Wilson's Snipe, Plumas County California a7rIII, 100-400 GM Ruddy Duck, Plumas County California a7rIII, 100-400 GM
  18. M

    The curious

    Hello, everyone I took the photo of this curious guy when I was shooting the group of swan on background.