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  1. Antonio Correia

    I've been to churches too often these days

    These days I have been to churches quite often. For a change ! :oops: Again the fantastic Zeiss Batis 18mm in a stitch of 13 shots. The file was a big one: 560 Mb and I downsized it to much less, using smart objects. It really doesn't matter because I will not be using this photo but be posted...
  2. Antonio Correia

    Igreja de S. Julião - renovation works

    I will make more shots tomorrow
  3. Antonio Correia

    In the church

    Recovering some photos from January 2020 What do you think ?
  4. Jarmo Juntunen

    St Mary's Church

    St Mary's Church (late 15th Century), Sastamala, Finland
  5. Chris Calohan

    Some Old Time Religion

    In the Sweet By and By Give Me Some of That Old Time Religion I've Seen the Light All Rows Lead to the Light
  6. Tom dinning

    The Last Outpost

  7. nicolas claris

    A church for atheist ?

    Most of non recent OPFers know that I am atheist. Last week-end we went with a couple of friends for a tour on the Ile d’Oléron (very near to La Rochelle, North-West of Bordeaux). On the Saturday, we went for a bike ride on the island. Among very beautiful places, we arrived in the small...
  8. R

    The Panjim Church

    From my photo essay Panjim Promenade – Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.
  9. R

    Morning in Goa - Part 2

    First rays of the sun illuminate the Church of St. Anne (1649) in Parra, Goa. From my photo essay Morning in Goa - 2.
  10. R


    From my photo essay Búðir.
  11. R

    The Church in Húsavík

    Húsavíkurkirkja seen from the harbour. More images at The Church in Húsavík.
  12. R

    Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Palm Fronds and the Church

    For some background, see this.
  13. J

    Simala the Pilgrims Paradise

    James Yu: Simala, the Pilgrims Paradise #1 James Yu: Simala, the Pilgrims Paradise #2 James Yu: Simala, the Pilgrims Paradise #3 James Yu: Simala, the Pilgrims Paradise #4