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  1. Robert Watcher

    Rediculous test 25,600 ISO - Topaz Denoise April 2021

    After seeing some really nice results using Topaz Denoise on some of my images, that Lightroom Noise Reduction didn’t do well on... ... I decided to try something that I would never do - that is shoot at the max 25,600 ISO with my crop sensor Olympus E-M10 —- and first of all see if anything...
  2. Cem_Usakligil

    DxO Photo Lab 4 noise reduction (DeepPrime)

    Yesterday, DxO has announced the latest version of PL, which is PL4. This has a so-called DeepPrime noise reduction mode which works (according to DxO) directly on the not yet demosaiced raw file and does the noise reduction and demosaicing in one go. I have been testing it using a range of my...
  3. M

    New Topaz DeNoise AI 2: With batch processing

    Topaz just released DeNoise AI 2, adding batch processing and the ability to reduce chroma noise. The launch special offers $20 off, plus you can get an additional $9 off with a Topaz coupon code.