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New Topaz DeNoise AI 2: With batch processing

Nicolas Claris

Hi Mike
I ordered on May 27, 2019 DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI, JPEG to RAW AI
I recognize that since then, the different updates did bring speed on my "old" machines.
Of course I know it is not you, however, I find that having to pay for un update after 7 months is a bit harsh…
I checked on my account page and I'm not eligible for free updates to my orignal purchase :(

If the only "batch" feature is new, then no bother, I won't use it as I tweak the settings of images one after the other
Hi Nicolas, I know the free updates last as long as the version number is the same. With the earlier traditional plug-ins there was a long run with no further update cost. It seems the new AI apps are considered different enough to require a new purchase.

Besides the batch feature there is the ability to deal with chroma noise. Topaz says, "DeNoise AI includes a new chroma noise reduction slider to give you more control over this specific type of noise and avoid unnecessary desaturation."

Try the demo to see if that other feature does anything for you. In this example I just did, removing chroma noise made a slight difference in the foreground especially. I also love how the big tree came back to life!