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  1. Will Thompson

    R.I.P. Gidget

    The sweetest little girl you could ever meet! She was over 15 years old.
  2. James Lemon


  3. James Lemon

    Pet Care

  4. Doug Kerr

    Meet Isabel

    This is to introduce Isabel, the latest member of our little desert family. Douglas A. Kerr: Isabel 3600 She is a precious deer-head smooth-coat Chihuahua (mostly, at least) with a lovely fawn coat. And she is in fact from Chihuahua (Ciudad Juárez). Thus she is Hispanic, and accordingly...
  5. M

    Dog Park

    The dog in the foreground is Sammee. Her former dwelling was a northern reserve. She was most likely part of in feral pack. Her life owes to a humane policeman that couldn't bear to shoot a young pregnant dog during a periodic cull. She had three pups after arrival at the rescue centre. The vet...
  6. Will Thompson

    Evil or Innocent, you choose?

    Meet Kona.
  7. Tom dinning

    Aussie Dog.

    I’m not big on dogs. The only dogs I’ve owned is the Australian Cattle Dog or Blue Healer. They come in red as well. They have a touch of dingo in them. Bred for long haul cattle mustering. They’ll round up a bunch of kids in a school yard just as well.
  8. Robert Watcher

    For Dog Lovers

    Walking along a street yesterday, an open window exposed a bedroom through the swinging blinds. The dog laying on the bed caught my eye.
  9. P

    Jeep Dog

  10. James Lemon