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  1. John Miller

    B/W Nude Model

    Here's a female model posing in her bedroom in a Bed and Breakfast. What a great model too. Technie note: This was shot using a film Pentax 645 on Tri-X film using Dynanite strobes.
  2. John Miller

    B/W 8x10" Film Image

    Here's a b/w 8x10" (full frame) image I did of a stagecoach in Trail Dust Town using a old Burke and James field camera and a Fuji 300 f5.6 lens on Ilford HP5 film. FYI: I was pulling or pushing a large container on a cart around carrying my extra holders, focusing cloth. and other pieces of...
  3. romain claris

    Art video work "Black hole" for the upcoming photo & video exhibition "On the rocks"

    Hi, I am happy to share the poster of my latest art video work "Black hole" (5 min 50 sec) a short film made for the upcoming photography & video exhibition "On the rocks" that I shot with the photographer @nicolas claris ! The trailer is here : https://romainclarisfilm.com/hole_of_light_uk.php...
  4. Will Thompson

    Designer Fashion with Black and White Film!

    EOS 1V Ilford XP2
  5. J

    Adapting Vintage Meniscus Lenses part I - 35mm Cameras delivering Beautiful Soft Focus.

    For those of us in the very small club of making soft focus images, the history and the rule is you do it with massive 8X10 cameras and film because the handful of lenses made 100++ years ago for that purpose were all made for the 8X10 portrait industry. So basically there's no such thing as...
  6. D

    Mussel in the sand

    An attempt to capture the stark simplicity of a common Mussel embedded in beach sand, in just about the most interesting light that a beach would have to offer, and in hyper-detail using an extraordinary (but cheap and forgotten) lens from the 1970s - on B&W film, of course. Olympus OM-1...
  7. D

    My World: Pop Soda Fire

    (Hand-printed in the darkroom on 12x16in paper, Kodak TMY2-400 (35mm) film, Olympus OM-3Ti, Zuiko 35mm f/2.0) During a drive down to the coast (to visit my parents) with my wife, we stopped at a very small, derelict town (close to Richmond, Western Cape, ZA) to refuel. The scene next to the...
  8. D

    Twice bitten, not shy (LF)

    Some photographs want to be made, and I have had the most incredible luck making this one. I was on the beach when visiting family in the Cape, bag with my ole' Linhof Technika over my shoulder. A single unexposed sheet of HP5+ film left (I know, this sounds so clichéd, but...) It was mildly...
  9. D

    LF: Contact Printing!

    Well, not that this is news - people have known for about 150 years - but I have done my first contact print, and it's quite something to behold. I get the feeling that the conventional calculations in terms of the human eye being able to see such-and-such resolution on a print do not tell the...
  10. D

    50/3.5 : A Personal Endurance Project

    As a bit of a "side project" I have been limiting myself to a single focal length and aperture for about six months now quite regularly. This is possibly the most boring combination imaginable: 50mm and f/3.5. "Limiting myself", in that the lens goes no faster than this, I almost never stop it...
  11. D

    Jakkals trou met Wolf se vrou

    I hate posting this in the presumptuous "photography as art" forum, but I'm not sure where else "quiet" works like this (which are not portraits, street, macro, landscape, etc) belong - Jakkals trou met wolf se vrou (Jackal is marrying wolf's wife) is an old Afrikaans saying that is utterred...
  12. D

    Embracing distracting elements

    Though we regularly strive to remove all distracting elements from a typical "postcard" landscape image, I often find cases where I try to embrace them, to use them as a sort of frame to direct the viewer's attention. This is a recent (May 2009) such attempt, and I was wondering what the...
  13. B


    Hello, my name is Bryan Soderlind and I am a photographer living in the Orlando area. I shoot portrait, action, landscape, and documentary type photography and shoot medium and large format film. You can check out my website to see what I shoot. www.bryansoderlind.com Thanks! -Bryan