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  1. M

    Turn GIMP into "Photoshop"

    this patch']I came across this info today while poking around Linux stuff, but it applies to other OS's as well. This is new, from about a week ago. I already set this up in macOS Mojave with GIMP 2.10.14 (see screenshot). The Mac version of GIMP runs a bit behind, so not all features work...
  2. Tom dinning


    I'm working on it. It'll give me something to do during voluntary isolation. Not that it takes much encouragement to keep the doors locked. I don't care about my own company most days. I care for others even less. Since the stock market has bitten a gaping hole in my savings I went for the free...
  3. K

    Nikon D40 user... NEW here!!

    Hi all! Im Kristen! Im a soon to be stay at home mom with a burning desire to become a photographer and start my own business instead of just doing it as a hobby. Ive had my Nikon D40 for a year and a half now and have only touched the tip of the iceberg with all that an SLR offers. I only have...