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Nikon D40 user... NEW here!!

Hi all! Im Kristen! Im a soon to be stay at home mom with a burning desire to become a photographer and start my own business instead of just doing it as a hobby. Ive had my Nikon D40 for a year and a half now and have only touched the tip of the iceberg with all that an SLR offers. I only have the 18-55mm lens but just purchased a wide angle lens to fit on my 55mm. My plan is to master my D40 and possibly buy the 55-200mm lens (ANY reviews?!?!) and just build my portfolio before I even begin to take in any clients. In the future Id like to upgrade to a better Nikon Body but for now I will do with what I have an hope to take amazing photos.

Right now my kids are my main subjects, but I have enlisted the help of my pregnant friend for a practice maternity shoot, my coworker for portrait/family shots, and my pets for action shots :)

Right now I have been shooting in "A" mode. Ive learned that its OK not to use your flash! Sometimes shadowing can be beautiful :)

I really cant speak photography yet... i feel silly using words like "aperture", "depth of field", "Iso", and so on... mainly because this is all still new to me... but you gotta start somehwere right?

I dont have any studio equiptment such as lighting or backdrops... but from other forums I read that beginners have used shop lights with a cloth over it and paper or even a matte shower curtain liner for backdrops! Any thoughts on those ideas?

Id love for suggestions on ideas for my maternity shoot, for lighting Ideas, for shooting ideas... and general suggestions for my Nikon D40! Also any suggestions for photo editing programs would be great. I am currently using Gimp but it's hard to teach yourself... and of course I use that good old web based program picnik which is good for some quick touchups.

Thanks and its nice to "meet" you all :)