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  1. J

    Hi, all

    My name is Juan james
  2. D

    A story told in pictures

    Thank you for the kind welcome into your community. My photographic journey started with roll film at a very young age, since my parents were pretty into photography. For personal work, I used mostly B&W so I could develop the film at home. I started in digital with the compact Canon G1 in...
  3. R


    Hi, I'm Rose and new in Photography. My primary subjects for the past couple of years are graphic design, photo-retouching, etc. I don't have a beauty experience to share. I just love it,, and I'm hoping I'll start to do more photography on my target. I have got loads to learn in this post...
  4. L

    Hello All

    Hi Everyone, Hope you doing well, My name is Lissa and I am newbie here.
  5. Lars Olson

    Hello There, I'm Lars!

    I'm a computer science major at CSU Chico and love to do photography on the side! I took one class on photography in high school and fell in love. The class only covered basics so I'm still learning and exploring the craft on my own time. I would love feedback on anything I post :) You can view...
  6. A

    Hi I am Angelo Mathews

    Hi Dear, I am new to Open Photography Forums.
  7. M

    Just landed!

    Hello everyone! I'll spare you the convoluted journey that made me discover this place, but I'll say I'm glad I landed here. Just a short little intro: I was schooled as an artist at an Academy of Arts (two, in fact) in the Netherlands. Photography was not a major subject but I followed it...
  8. M


    (WRT Digital Underground) A-ight! Stop whatcha doin' 'cause I'm about to ruin the image and the style that ya used to. I look funny but yo I'm makin' money see so yo world I hope you're ready for me. Now gather round I'm the new fool in town and my sound's laid down by the Underground. I drink...
  9. S

    Hello from tiny Malta

    Hello everybody, We started practicing photography a few years ago, we used to go out in the country side with our camera taking pictures of everything that moves...... :) and now we are doing fashion, glamour and portrait photography. Check some of our works at Portrait Studio Lighting...