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  1. Tom dinning

    With all this laying about I’ve been doing........

    I’ve not not been so relaxed since my last divorce came though. Must be the easy life. Barely a visitor. The only disturbance is the new Friar bird chicks Chirping all day and the pee wee family attacking me if I step onto the lawn. Spent an hour doing some images I haven’t seen for a while...
  2. Tom dinning

    Scenes from an Italian farm.

  3. Tom dinning

    Distorted memories

    Seeing an old image reminds me of places and pleasant times. But the image doesn’t reconcile with my memory. The image is sharp; my memory is clouded. So, instead of correcting my memory I ‘correct’ the photo. The image is a starting point for recollection. I prefer the outcome to be a little hazy.