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las vegas

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    Where can I look for wedding photographers in Las Vegas?

    Any special location in particular? I've never been to Vegas so, any tips or ideas is most welcome.
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    A Thousand Ships

    I spent a little time shooting with one of my favorite workshop models at our last Weekend with the Masters Workshop which was Feb 26-28th. These were shot at ISO 800 in ambient light in an upstairs bathroom. A significant departure in style for myself but the light was just so nice in the...
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    Giant panoramic from Las Vegas

    Here is a giant panoramic of César Palace in Las Vegas Click on the picture to see more panoramics of the United States http://www.fildefer.com Thank's and good visit
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    Hello, I'm Phil

    I come from France, I love photography, travels. I have taken some pictures of the United States, and I would be happy if you post your comments and advices. You can visit my website : http://www.fildefer.com