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light painting

  1. Chris Calohan

    Sparklers and Steel Wool

    First photographic foray after my heart event and it is kitsch at the very least but it was also something I'd never done and thought it would be fun to give it a try. Light painting is generally done with flashlights on a subject area as a prelude to a Milky Way shot, or to emphasize an...
  2. Chris Calohan

    Down South

    Looking Southeast toward Tampa, Fl from the Big Bend in the panhandle
  3. Gordon Baird

    Light painting of our small world...

    Here I had a go at painting the world we live in. Light painting of the world by Gordon Baird, on Flickr
  4. Gordon Baird

    Light Painting

    Another couple of my light paintings. Hope you like them.. Dundee Light Painting by Gordon Baird, on Flickr Light Painting. by Gordon Baird, on Flickr Light Painting. by Gordon Baird, on Flickr Light Painting. by Gordon Baird, on Flickr
  5. Gordon Baird

    Light Painting.

    Here is one of my light paintings. This style of photography is great fun. The images are made with a light stick that you load images to and move in front of the camera on a long exposure. Light Painting. by Gordon Baird, on Flickr