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    Rooftop fun, a photo shoot!

  3. D

    Some of my Balboa ferry photo shoot.

    EF 35mm f/1.4L USM + MR14 Ring-Light
  4. M

    Window Shopping

    Cheers, Mike
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    Gangster photo shoot!

    Even more models
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    Balboa Island Ferry Fashion Shoot!

    Models, Models, and more Models!
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    On a fun note Lighting for “BEAUTIFUL” people

    How and why for best results? Please post examples.
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    Gangster’s angry girlfriend

  9. D

    The Flasher!

    You guess the lighting!
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    NSFW: The Barcelona Album

    Hi, I'd like to introduce my photo book project "The Barcelona Album". During the last 5 years I photographed many women in Barcelona. I encouraged them to explore their sensuality in front of my camera without limits and invited them to move freely without imitating the typical glamour...
  11. A

    Nude on fender of a car

    Model: Hope Auto: 1951 Jag XK Camera: Leaf/Mamiya RZ Lighting (2 main) Paul C Buff PLM/86" Part of a 40 image set called "Under the Hood"
  12. J

    In Perspective, Fun: The Cutest Girl I Have Ever Met ~ Tania Zheng

    Hello everyone, Im new, my name is John =) I am an experimental photographer than within this thread I shall explain further about what I do. This is Tania, shes likely to be the cutest girl ever =) #1 #2 #3 #4 Constructive C & C welcome Sorry about the small pictures, got bigger ones...