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  1. Will Thompson


  2. Will Thompson

    Rooftop fun, a photo shoot!

  3. Will Thompson

    Some of my Balboa ferry photo shoot.

    EF 35mm f/1.4L USM + MR14 Ring-Light
  4. M

    Window Shopping

    Cheers, Mike
  5. Will Thompson

    Gangster photo shoot!

    Even more models
  6. Will Thompson

    Balboa Island Ferry Fashion Shoot!

    Models, Models, and more Models!
  7. Will Thompson

    On a fun note Lighting for “BEAUTIFUL” people

    How and why for best results? Please post examples.
  8. Will Thompson

    Gangster’s angry girlfriend

  9. Will Thompson

    The Flasher!

    You guess the lighting!
  10. D

    NSFW: The Barcelona Album

    Hi, I'd like to introduce my photo book project "The Barcelona Album". During the last 5 years I photographed many women in Barcelona. I encouraged them to explore their sensuality in front of my camera without limits and invited them to move freely without imitating the typical glamour...
  11. A

    Nude on fender of a car

    Model: Hope Auto: 1951 Jag XK Camera: Leaf/Mamiya RZ Lighting (2 main) Paul C Buff PLM/86" Part of a 40 image set called "Under the Hood"
  12. J

    In Perspective, Fun: The Cutest Girl I Have Ever Met ~ Tania Zheng

    Hello everyone, Im new, my name is John =) I am an experimental photographer than within this thread I shall explain further about what I do. This is Tania, shes likely to be the cutest girl ever =) #1 #2 #3 #4 Constructive C & C welcome Sorry about the small pictures, got bigger ones...