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natural light

  1. Asher Kelman

    Challenge for Pictures in a Series: Motif or Concept Casual Portraits in natural light!

    At the mall, as a tourist or at social gatherings we meet new people! Here at an exhibition for the like of Andy Warhol! .
  2. Chris Calohan

    One More Face of Cancer

    Leaving the color version and significantly reworking the file, I've discovered that while there is a softer quality to her overall appearance, the ravages of chemo still show, but more importantly, her humanity is always in the forefront. Leslie, an Indomitable Spirit
  3. Chris Calohan

    The Face of Cancer

    Several months back, one of my dearest friends found out she had one of the most aggressive breast cancers a woman can get, Triple Negative. She's a trooper and has managed a positive outlook. I have yet to see her down, though I know there is a great deal of fear trembling within her. If there...
  4. Jarmo Juntunen

    Smile is overrated

    Some folks around here might remember my youngest, Laura. Well, she is no longer into everything pink and fluffy.
  5. James Lemon

    Auto Face & Eye Detection

  6. James Lemon


  7. Robert Watcher

    A Selection of People Being Themselves

    My method late yesterday afternoon was to restrict myself to two city blocks, about 30 minutes, and capture what I was presented with. Olympus E-M10 w/14-42mm kit lens.
  8. A

    julia margaret cameron style/girl b&wportrait

    Julia Margaret Cameron was using her attic studio light with the light source always above the models head. Anna Nowakowska: "Julia Margaret Cameron style/girl b&w portrait" I gave up on mature models as they were always to high and the light source came from every possible...
  9. H

    Hello from B-ham, WA

    Hey everyone, I live in Bellingham, Washington, proudly known as the city with the least sunlight in the country (whoo!). Along with my consistent consumption of Vitamin D gummies, I take a lot of pictures...something I'm sure we all have in common! When the sun comes out, you bet I'm out there...
  10. C


    This is a shot that was done late this summer. At first I was happy with the post processing. But now, the more I look at it the more I second guess myself. Please let me know your thoughts.
  11. L

    How to achieve natural light effect with studio lights?

    Well... That was the only way I could fiugure the question. I would like to know what should I buy in order to achieve this looking. This picture was taken with natural sun light, but I want to achieve the same thing with flashes. I have tried hotshoe mounted in 1 umbrella, but doesn't work...