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nicolas claris

  1. Asher Kelman

    “ A SKY IN A WILD FLOWER” Invitation au vernissage Un ciel dans une fleur sauvage

    Si vous ne visualisez pas correctement le contenu, cliquez-ici Bonjour, Nous avons le plaisir de vous faire parvenir ci-dessous l'invitation de la Galerie Les Art'Gentiers au vernissage de notre exposition. Une belle façon de commencer l'année ! Nicolas Claris - Romain Claris PS Merci...
  2. nicolas claris

    My photo of the week

    Hey hey OPFers! I might be back! Sorry for the long (very) absence but the covid time has brung me so much more work as before… I'll try to post here at least one photo each week as "My photo of the week". Pardon me if Ido not lurk around and post elsewhere, but I'm still overwhelmed… I just...
  3. nicolas claris

    About mist…

    One some different threads that I wouldn't wish to hijack Here by @James Lemon And there by @Chris Calohan Here are 2 of mine in vineyards (shot at sunrise): Chateau Clinet (Pomerol) Château de Reignac (Entre deux mers)
  4. nicolas claris

    Large panorama landscape in the vineyards

    A landscape shot for Baron de Rotschild wines 152 photos stiched with Autopano Giga The final image “natively” measures 30.50 wide x 3.50 meters high (100 feet X 10 feet) at 125 dpi. The final HD file in.psb format weighs nearly 7 GB.... Shot with a Pentax 645Z and 300mm
  5. nicolas claris

    My latest victim…

    My latest victim is a Lagoon SIXTY 7 I shot her in the Balearic Islands a few weeks ago. Let's see some INTERIORS On deck At sea
  6. nicolas claris

    My World: In the art side of my mind

    Beside my so called "commercial" work I do try to experiment my feelings, interrogations and findings into personal works… For some years now, I have created some series that some of you might be aware of (@Asher Kelman , @Cem_Usakligil ;) As "Claris Image Builder" celebrate this year its...