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  1. Antonio Correia

    I am glad I have not sold my Olympus equipment

  2. Antonio Correia

    The column

  3. Robert Watcher

    Kit Lens Street Pics

    My most used lens for my street and travel photography over the past years, is my 14-42mm kit lens for my Olympus bodies. I got rid of the one I had earlier this year, and have really been missing it - even though I haven’t been out shooting the streets. This morning I noticed in Facebook...
  4. Robert Watcher

    Night Sky - Live Composite Mode

    Out enjoying a dark evening. I set my little desktop tripod up on a huge rock, for stability - and left the shutter open from after the sunset until dark into the night. I processed this after getting home, on my desktop Mac using Exposure 6 and Topaz I used my iPhone to grab this shot. I...
  5. Robert Watcher

    Rediculous test 25,600 ISO - Topaz Denoise April 2021

    After seeing some really nice results using Topaz Denoise on some of my images, that Lightroom Noise Reduction didn’t do well on... ... I decided to try something that I would never do - that is shoot at the max 25,600 ISO with my crop sensor Olympus E-M10 —- and first of all see if anything...
  6. Robert Watcher

    Golden Reflections

    Laker filling up with salt, at the salt mine in Goderich, Ontario - the largest underground salt mine in the world. Olympus E-M10 w/75-300mm https://www.compassminerals.com/who-we-are/locations/goderich-ontario/
  7. Robert Watcher

    Round & Round

    I bought a like-new (347 shutter count) Olympus E-M10 mkiii last night to compliment my first generation E-M10’s The features appealing to me, were the improved video (including 4K) and image stabilization that is very close to using a gimbal. I realized a few other changes that I will value as...
  8. Robert Watcher


    I haven’t used the macro lens (35mm Olympus) that I got when I was home In Canada a few months ago. Haven’t found bugs or a way to get them still at 1/2 inch from the lens, and I’m realizing that it is hard and takes a lot of patience and controlled environments. I grabbed a camera with the...
  9. Robert Watcher

    Fun with lightning strikes

    We had a massive thunder and lightning storm tonight with lighten streaking everywhere across the sky - from one end of the city to the other. Massive pouring rain made stepping outside or driving virtually impossible. So unfortunately I was not in an ideal situation to be creative with my setup...
  10. L

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 thoughts?

    Hoping I am placing this in the correct forum (I saw two that mentioned these camera systems). I am a Canon DSLR user and currently love my 7D for shooting local sports and assignments, but I'm longing for something smaller/lighter for street photography and carrying around on...
  11. J

    Olympus releases the OMD E-M10 this week. I'm in. What lenses make the best start?

    Hi all! Let's talk about lenses. Just consider my query a kickoff, and consider yourself invited to take the conversation wherever you want to! I'm new and joining the forums with the encouragement of Senior Member Rachel Foster, due to my enthusiasm for the new Olympus OM-D E-M10. Olympus...
  12. D


    Just wanted to share a landscape photograph which I recently made in the beautiful Outeniqua mountains in the Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa. Outeniqua
  13. D

    Mussel in the sand

    An attempt to capture the stark simplicity of a common Mussel embedded in beach sand, in just about the most interesting light that a beach would have to offer, and in hyper-detail using an extraordinary (but cheap and forgotten) lens from the 1970s - on B&W film, of course. Olympus OM-1...
  14. D

    My World: Pop Soda Fire

    (Hand-printed in the darkroom on 12x16in paper, Kodak TMY2-400 (35mm) film, Olympus OM-3Ti, Zuiko 35mm f/2.0) During a drive down to the coast (to visit my parents) with my wife, we stopped at a very small, derelict town (close to Richmond, Western Cape, ZA) to refuel. The scene next to the...
  15. D

    Hidden Emotions (at the Frontier)

    We rarely show our hearts completely - we always hide seemingly small corners, fleeting emotions, and small ideas. They all go unshared. Comments: One of the very first worthwhile images I produced with 35mm B&W film, and only printed a year later in the darkroom as I slowly get more...