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  1. Per Ellström

    Many versions of one guy ...

    A small gallery just opened in my suburb, and for a week an artist with detailed abstract paintings had an exhibition. So got a strange idea that he has replicas in many dimensions, and they will all come and watch the vernissage =) So i got them standing in line to the gallery, and inside...
  2. M

    Turn GIMP into "Photoshop"

    this patch']I came across this info today while poking around Linux stuff, but it applies to other OS's as well. This is new, from about a week ago. I already set this up in macOS Mojave with GIMP 2.10.14 (see screenshot). The Mac version of GIMP runs a bit behind, so not all features work...
  3. Tom dinning

    After Photoshop

    Since my downsizing I no longer have Photoshop as an editing program. Can any well advised photographer give me either a free or one-off purchase for an alternative. I’d like it to edit raw files (although I’m likely to continue using ACR since it’s free) and have some layering feature. Any...
  4. Robert Watcher

    Solution to Nik Software crashing Photoshop

    I am trying to keep my investment in software, going as long as possible, so it was a huge disappointment to discover that my Nik plugin for Photoshop was no longer of any use as it crashed PS whenever I would attempt to apply the Nik filters. Being Nik has been working for years in this same...
  5. S

    Post-production portfolio and marketing advice needed

    Hello, It would be great to get some tips and general opinions on a portfolio page I’ve just created (www.simk.us). I offer post-production and retouching services for advertising, fashion and editorial photography projects. I have a few questions to ask: 1. How can I improve the site? 2. How...
  6. J

    Digital montage .. nude

    Hello all, I've been having a bash at the digital montage caper over the past year or so, I'm an autodidact so it sort of comes and goes, I do a pic get so far think about it and then do another one using what I have found out making the previous one. Cheers - Jim [edit] deleted original...
  7. S

    Retouching - Wanting some feedback, Can you help?

    Hi there I have just joined OPF and really enjoyed reading some of your posts. I have just begun to take my professional retouching into the freelance realm. Any feedback/advice you can offer me will be really valued as I am really passionate about retouching and want to produce the best...
  8. S

    save for web problem

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit puzzled that I thought that, when using the "save for Web" function with "all" chosen from the drop down menu of the embedded infos when saving, I was keeping both informations from Copyright and EXIF. For usually I don't want to provide my exifs with everyone when sharing...
  9. A

    Fine Caricature

    I recently took some photographs of a friend, for the cover of a CD he has just recorded. He said he wanted something a bit off the wall so I had a play around in Photoshop. He chose this one. what do you think ?