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  1. Antonio Correia

    Our people - Setúbal, Portugal

    A couple of years ago I started a project where I invited people from my hometown to be photographed so I could make a small collection of portraits. All include a very short written text of what they have done and they actually do. I have photographed only 20 people, black and white was chosen...
  2. Antonio Correia

    My most difficult shot, ever

    And why was this the most difficult shot I have ever done ? No, not because of the light conditions but instead when the result came out of the printer. When you show or print an image of a landscape the colours may not be correct, imperfect... but when it comes to portraits the "think" is far...
  3. Antonio Correia


  4. D

    A story told in pictures

    Thank you for the kind welcome into your community. My photographic journey started with roll film at a very young age, since my parents were pretty into photography. For personal work, I used mostly B&W so I could develop the film at home. I started in digital with the compact Canon G1 in...
  5. Antonio Correia

    Man with turban

    Have I shown you this portrait before ?
  6. James Lemon

    Portraits of Humanity

    For your viewing pleasure... enjoy! http://www.portraitofhumanity.co/selection/
  7. Antonio Correia

    Freedom Seekers

  8. Antonio Correia

    Playing the violin in open air

  9. Antonio Correia

    Theme - Work (people at work)

  10. R

    Photo from my "Native American Grandmothers" series

    Hello everyone, I would appreciate you opinion on this photo of Emma Yazzie - "Still Fighting", which I shot several years ago in Fruitland NM of this then 94 old Navaho lady living next to the local Navajo power plant. The theme of the series (only a few of the photos are on my site at...
  11. J

    From my second Halloween pet shoot

    Hi: This was one of my favorites from Sundays shoot. John
  12. J

    From my first Halloween shoot of the season.

    Hi: Here are a few from yesterdays shoot. John
  13. J

    halloween test shot

    Hi: This is my pup Cooper posing for my Halloween Pet shoot test shot. John
  14. J

    Better horse photos shot in the late afternoon sun

    Hi: I shot these yesterday for a client. John
  15. J

    From my daughter's wedding

    Hi: I shot these and many others at my daughter's wedding on Sunday. John