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reflected uv

  1. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Sempervivum "hens and chicks" multispectral

    My Sempervivum ("hen and chicks") plants were flowering due to that excellent hot weather we currentlyhave here in southwest of Germany. Took photos in reflected UV and simulated bee and butterfly vision using an UV-Nikkor 105mm and a modified studio flash. Just amazing how good this lens...
  2. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum)

    Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) in human vision, reflected UV, simulated bee and butterfly vision (left to right, top to bottom)
  3. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    UV-Nikkor 105mm and similar lenses for reflected UV

    Measured a few lenses for reflected UV as well as UV-VIS-NIR photography including the famous UV-Nikkor f4.5 / 105mm all but one with Nikon-F mount: - CoastalOpt (Jenoptik) f4 / 60mm UV-VIS-NIR Macro Apo (Nikon-F mount) http://www.macrolenses.de/ml_detail_sl.php?ObjektiveNr=344 - UV-Nikkor...
  4. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    A useful + affordable system for multispectral photography

    I'm always getting asked about a useful and affordable system for multispectral photography, well here it is one...
  5. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Possible the last Rudbeckia fulgida for this year in multispectral photography

  6. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Lichen in reflected of UV + UV induced visible fluorescence

    Visible image, reflected UV, 2x UVIVF (different white balance)
  7. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Pictorialism in UV

    This is about the esthetic quality, not about the reproduction in UV. Gazania flower...
  8. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Full Flower Moon May 7, 2020

    Full Moon tonight with fog creating some pretty halo...[reflected UV with 800mm LDM-1 Katoptaron]
  9. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Surprising find for Reflected UV

    Details are here... A surprising find...
  10. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Fossilized Squid

    A while ago when Neal Larson (the guy who found T-Rex "Sue") asked me to help him with some fossils, I developed some method, used here, too... Fossilized Squid, approx. 90 mio years old, visible light image: reflected UV image: UV induced Visible Fluorescence: PS: that white patch is...
  11. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Gazania in polarized reflected UV light

    Gazania rigens in polarized reflected UV light
  12. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    The Midas effect...

    guess the story of ancient King Midas is known...just one touch
  13. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Mica polarized

    Well this is a bit on the scientific side, sheet Mica in polarized UV and visible light, different pol. angles. If interested about the colors and why, I refer to the work of Mr Michel-Levy
  14. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Lewisia - Cliffmaids in polarized UV

    So today about Lewisia - Cliffmaids in reflected and polarized light. Look at its petals and especially its anters! Works beautifully now! A.K.
  15. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Using Cross-Polarization

    Polarization is an effective tool in photography and cross-polarization is well know to allow to suppress shine and reflections from certain surfaces. Here a few tests I have made after having been able to find suitable UV polarizers using a glass vase standing on an aluminum lab jack. Visible...
  16. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Lewisia multispectral

    Quadriptych of human vision, UV, simulated bee and butterfly vision (left to right, top to bottom): A flower quite common in Washington state...
  17. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Phlox in circular polarized light

    PHLOX - Rockfoil flower. Phlox flower in M-mode i.e. non exposure compensated: Phlox flower in A-mode i.e. exposure compensated:
  18. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Phlox multispectral

    Hot pink PHLOX flower in human vision, reflected UV, simulated bee and butterfly vision
  19. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    UV Polarized Photography II

    Was doing some testing about using polarizers with reflected UV, so here a few samples presented as gifs while rotating the filter. This was shot using a modified camera with only fused silica glass in front of the sensor and the Baader-U filter (320-390nm), lens used was the UV-Nikkor 4.5/105mm...
  20. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Spiderwebs reflect UV to attract prey

    left human vision, right reflected UV