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sequim wa

  1. Jim Olson

    Aroura images from Monday Sept 18th

    Out on our beach shooting the Aurora and all of a sudden I got pillars...
  2. Jim Olson

    A juvenile eagle

  3. Jim Olson

    A juvenile eagle

  4. Jim Olson

    A juvenile eagle

  5. Jim Olson

    A juvenile eagle

  6. Jim Olson

    A juvenile eagle

  7. Jim Olson

    What a great day...!!! I stopped on the street above Dungeness Landing and grabbed a few images of this eagle...

    The look it gave me was so cool... Like it was saying "What are you looking at"
  8. Jim Olson

    I heard a couple of eagles from my yard

    This shot was taken of the two eagles as I leaned on the trunk of my car One eagle flew away and I'm still shooting from my driveway leaning on my car This one I walked across the street
  9. Jim Olson

    Another great day out with my wife.

    Unfortunately, the eagle was up in a tree that was on a cliff above us.
  10. Jim Olson

    The deer in the in-law's front yard

  11. Jim Olson

    I have been taking a lot of pictures with my new Canon R7 mirrorless

    I caught this little one get a bite to eat.
  12. Jim Olson

    Sitting around the fire pit wishing everyone happy Thanksgiving

  13. Jim Olson

    Right place, right time

    I was out shooting some pictures & thought I should go home & make breakfast when I turn in to my neighborhood & this owl flew across the street in front of my car.
  14. Jim Olson

    A few more images from this morning

  15. Jim Olson

    I have seen 3 eagles in the last two days but...

    this is the only image I got and it was to far away This was zoomed all the way out. Same bird and same tree.
  16. Jim Olson

    I really enjoy living so close to the airport.

    Just a few shots of my neighbors and acquaintances This gentleman lives about 2,000 ft away from me. This is Dave Woodcock and has a great hanger, a lot of memorabilia and he flew a piper cub in Battle of the bulge and was excited to get this one after the fact.
  17. Jim Olson

    I was in my backyard doing some astrophotography again last night and captured some satellites being re-positioned in the sky, I assume Starlink.

    I must apologize for not posting lately, I started a new job June 16th So after 11 years 9 months and 18 days I finally decided to leave Michaels Arts and Craft. I could see the satellite moving with the naked eye. You can see the 2nd satellite almost on the same track as the one in front...