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sequim wa

  1. Jim Olson

    I was in my backyard doing some astrophotography again last night and captured some satellites being re-positioned in the sky, I assume Starlink.

    I must apologize for not posting lately, I started a new job June 16th So after 11 years 9 months and 18 days I finally decided to leave Michaels Arts and Craft. I could see the satellite moving with the naked eye. You can see the 2nd satellite almost on the same track as the one in front...
  2. Jim Olson

    I stopped by this old house today to shoot in monochrome

    Knutsen house
  3. Jim Olson

    My wife and I went to look at the Aurora

    We couldn't see the colors but my camera did. The image was transferred to my phone and then enhanced before posting.
  4. Jim Olson


    I'm trying a couple of different looks that I might want to use on an abandoned house in another location. Just asking which one you looks better. Shot in monochrome then did some editing.
  5. Jim Olson

    It was a nice day and we saw two different pairs of eagles

    My wife and I found a mated pair of eagles just above their nest. Then we found another mated pair that someone nicked named Ricky and Lucy
  6. Jim Olson

    Question about macro vs close-up photography

    I was in the backyard yesterday using the macro adapter on my wide-angle lens to take a few shots of moss on a twig. This adapter is part of a set of filters and lens from Neewer.com that my father-in-law got me for Christmas. So is it still only close-up or can I say macro since I now have a...
  7. Jim Olson

    My wife and I drove in to town and I had to stop and take some shots of the mountains

    A couple of shots of the Olympic mountain range
  8. Jim Olson

    Some shots from a beach a couple of miles from us (10/31/2021)

    This is a quite little beach and the first time my wife and I stopped here and we stayed until after midnight. So much to shoot... After the seagull we spotted some jellyfish that washed up on the beach... Then we saw a otter eating a fish he caught, then all hell broke loose when a gang...
  9. Jim Olson

    Shots from the front yard of my in-law's house

    I always take my camera when we go over to my in-law's and they have a bunch of birds flying around all the time. Lots of geese, ducks, hawks, and sometimes an eagle or two but the hmmingbirds are always great. And a black capped chickadee
  10. Jim Olson

    This was my first attempt at astrophotography

    I took this shot the other night in my backyard. I think it's okay for a first attempt. Also got a meteor in the shot
  11. Jim Olson

    We had a family of Quail in our yard for the first time.

    Did some research and they are California Quails. This one is an adult male.
  12. Jim Olson

    Avation (Globe Swifts fly-in) I love living next to the airport.

    I was talking to one of my neighbor's that flies a 1946 Globe Swift and he was telling me about the fly-in. Well it just happen to fall on the same weekend that I had taken off from work so I could be at our annual motorcycle club picnic which was going to be in the hanger of another neighbor...
  13. Jim Olson

    I found some eagles again today

    There was a crow dive bombing the eagles
  14. Jim Olson

    Some random shots I took while at the in-laws house

    I took these & then went to many different sites to use "sharpen image" & after 5 or 6 sites found one that makes JPGs... All the other sites only download in PNG. I still have had time to play with the editing programs that I have to sharpen, but this will work for now...
  15. Jim Olson

    Eagle eye does it again...

    I can't believe it but my wife did it again. She saw this eagle land in the trees across the street right out our living room window.. We hadn't even had our 1st cup of coffee, and she says "Get your camera, there's an eagle right across the street." I also sharpen the image on-line. But it...
  16. Jim Olson

    WOW!!! What a lucky day.

    It was my wife's birthday & after a very nice dinner out with her parents, the two of us thought we might want to go to Dungness Landing to look at the lighthouse. Boy, did we get a surprise... There was 4 or 5 eagles there and I think an adult & a juvenile were training.
  17. Jim Olson

    Just testing out my new to me Canon 7D Mark II

    I had surgery last Thur so I can't go anywhere for now but I do have my front yard to shot. TNX again to Will & Asher. I'm having fun with the faster shutter speed & the 10 shots per sec. Here is just a few shot from this morning. Coming in for a landing and scared the fly away. Fight at the...
  18. Jim Olson

    Shooting in full manual mode today for the first time ever

    I saw this little hummingbird in our holly bush and had to get my camera and shoot in Manual mode. I have been wanting to try Manual mode, but just don't think I was ready until today. I also wanted to edit the RAW image with a editing program that I have been wanting to use. I use Linux OS...