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sequim wa

  1. Jim Olson

    Shooting in full manual mode today for the first time ever

    I saw this little hummingbird in our holly bush and had to get my camera and shoot in Manual mode. I have been wanting to try Manual mode, but just don't think I was ready until today. I also wanted to edit the RAW image with a editing program that I have been wanting to use. I use Linux OS...
  2. Jim Olson

    Right place at the right time. A Cooper's Hawk out my window.

    I just happen to look out and saw this hawk sitting there. So I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. The only problem is my SD card messed up and I couldn't read the images. I use Linux and I had to reboot and try to open the card in Windows and it said the card had to be scaned but it...
  3. Jim Olson

    Weekend outing with my wife & her parents.

    Just a short drive from our place is a little farm called Troll Haven and there is a lot of photo ops there. Even got a shot of a neighbor taking his granddaughters (I assume) to the beach down the street where we saw them a shortly after I took this shot.
  4. Jim Olson

    It's raining here in the Pacific Northwest & I saw this spider web & tried many times to capture it.

    After many shots (& then I just used the pop-up flash) I think it works. Any comments & critiques would be helpful
  5. Jim Olson

    Adventure Kitty is trying out for Saturday night live

    Mitzy had surgery yesterday. No babies for this baby.
  6. Jim Olson

    Macro shots with the new extension tubes

    Still trying to get the correct focus. I'm using Live View and digital Zoom to do manual focus since I have no Auto Focus with the tubes.
  7. Jim Olson

    Testing my new macro extension tubes

    I got some cheap macro extension tubes & was over at the in-law's house with my camera, and got a couple of shots. The first shot is a new little solar fountain that my mother-in-law just put in the bird bath. I got an interesting effect with the sun light & the water spray. And this is a...
  8. Jim Olson

    A wild kitty named Mitzy.

    Mitzy saw something... Wait! Is there something in that bush? Yes I think there is
  9. Jim Olson

    Bald Eagle by the ocean

    Taken in the Dungeness Landing County Park Sequim WA
  10. Jim Olson

    Peeking through the trees in the backyard of my in-laws house

    Just a small pano but I had to because I love these mountains. The one on the left is Baldy & the one on the right is Gray Wolf Ridge. Shooting with my Sigma 70-300mm
  11. Jim Olson

    I tried Live View on the moon last night

    Expo Time 1/500, Aperture 7.38 EV (f/12.9) ISO 3200
  12. Jim Olson

    The pink sky

    Lars just said "Dad the sky is pink" so I had to jump up, grab my camera & walk to a spot where I could get a shot
  13. Jim Olson

    I couldn't resist

    Sorry, I couldn't resist I just had to post another shot of the Mtn but with my new lens and it was only 32° out there No changes to anything, just cropped I researching to see which of the mountains it is. I think it is Tyler Peak
  14. Jim Olson

    Light snow last night

    Just a quick pano First time trying manually stitching
  15. Jim Olson

    Shooting the moon

    I have tried to do this before and it did not turn out at all but after many tries I think I got something close. I did have to change it with Shotwell but I'm happy
  16. Jim Olson

    Pano & editing with GIMP

    2 shots with my Google Pixel 3 pasted together & did a little editing with GIMP
  17. Jim Olson

    Elk locking horns.

    Back out to one of my favorite spots to shot. This is the same spot that I shot my 5 pic pano.
  18. Jim Olson


  19. Jim Olson

    One more time. I love this Mtn range