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sequim wa

  1. Jim Olson

    I tried Live View on the moon last night

    Expo Time 1/500, Aperture 7.38 EV (f/12.9) ISO 3200
  2. Jim Olson

    The pink sky

    Lars just said "Dad the sky is pink" so I had to jump up, grab my camera & walk to a spot where I could get a shot
  3. Jim Olson

    I couldn't resist

    Sorry, I couldn't resist I just had to post another shot of the Mtn but with my new lens and it was only 32° out there No changes to anything, just cropped I researching to see which of the mountains it is. I think it is Tyler Peak
  4. Jim Olson

    Light snow last night

    Just a quick pano First time trying manually stitching
  5. Jim Olson

    Shooting the moon

    I have tried to do this before and it did not turn out at all but after many tries I think I got something close. I did have to change it with Shotwell but I'm happy
  6. Jim Olson

    Pano & editing with GIMP

    2 shots with my Google Pixel 3 pasted together & did a little editing with GIMP
  7. Jim Olson

    Elk locking horns.

    Back out to one of my favorite spots to shot. This is the same spot that I shot my 5 pic pano.
  8. Jim Olson