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This was my first attempt at astrophotography

Jim Olson

Well-known member
I took this shot the other night in my backyard. I think it's okay for a first attempt. Also got a meteor in the shot

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Jim Olson

Well-known member
I have an app on my iPhone, Image Size which I recommend just for this purpose!
Most of the time I just edit on my laptop, but it has seen better days. So while I was reinstalling Windows & Linux on my wife's old laptop, I did download a program to my Android phone to resize.

Jim Olson

Well-known member
What is the technique you are using: long exposure and prayer, a tracker or what?

Yes to both long exp and prayer. My exp was 30 sec (but it was to long for my lens) I should not go over 28 sec, but I wasn't really seeing it with the LCD display.

After I downloaded I saw that I should have used the 25 sec to play it safe. No tracker. But I did have fun playing around with it. I'll try again but we have smoke from the Cal fires so it won't be tonight.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Funny Question, actually :)

On some busy nights, chances are relatively high if the exposure is long enough.

I actually had no idea of the frequency of meteors! But our solar system is obviously a very busy place!