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Some shots from a beach a couple of miles from us (10/31/2021)

Jim Olson

Active member
This is a quite little beach and the first time my wife and I stopped here and we stayed until after midnight.
So much to shoot...

BV6A9792 (2).jpg

After the seagull we spotted some jellyfish that washed up on the beach...


Then we saw a otter eating a fish he caught, then all hell broke loose when a gang saw him.


Then I got a shot of one otter biting another one...


Then they ran away.


Then about 7:30 that night I got lucky with the Aurora Borealis and a shooting star.


Then 2 more shots after midnight.
This one was light painted by a passing car...


This one was with my LED headlamp. Most of the night I just used the RED LED but had to do this last shot with white light just for the heck of it.

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Jim Olson

Active member
We have been told by the Facebook Washington Aurora Borealis group, that it will only get better in the coming years up to 2025.