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  1. Chris Calohan

    The End of the Night, the Beginning of the Day

  2. Chris Calohan

    Early Morning Photo Shoot (3am to 6:40am EST)

    Early Season Milky Way - Venus on the Rise - Five Frame Pano MW - Single Frame - Venus Well Above the Horizon Diminishing Returns (Change of Location) Mashes Sands First Light - Mashes Sands Guardians of the Sea Lanes - Entrance to the Gulf of Mexico from Mashes Sands
  3. Robert Watcher

    Awesome Sun Pillar

    Driving around country roads before sunrise this morning - this spectacle appeared in the East sky. This Sun Pillar was streaking up while the sun was still below the horizon
  4. Chris Calohan

    From Under the Bridge

  5. S

    Sunrise on the Metropolis

    01/01/2021 sunrise looking towards Manhattan. hopefully a better start to this new yearnew year.
  6. Chris Calohan

    Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

  7. Chris Calohan

    Fire in the Glory Hole

    If you've ever blown glass, you'll know what the Glory Hole is.
  8. Chris Calohan


  9. Chris Calohan


    Sunrise on the Econfina
  10. Chris Calohan

    Dawn of the Eighth Day

  11. Chris Calohan

    St Marks Sunrise

    St. Marks NWR, Florida lorida
  12. Chris Calohan

    Into the Day

    Several steps up from the Nikon D40, I retired and bought myself a nice, new D7000 and a 28-300 and thought at the time, it wouldn't get much better. That was 2012 and it was just the beginning of the eternal search for something bigger, newer and better...D800, then the D810 and the 200-500...
  13. Nigel Allan

    Original Art and Inspired Photograph sunrise over Koh Kradan

    Whenever I travel to Thai islands like Kradan, I make a point o getting up to watch the sunrise if possible. We are so lucky to see such beauty
  14. J

    Sunrise at the Pool

    I snapped this picture on my recent vacation to Mexico. It is just the sunrise over the pool, but I think it turned out well so I wanted to share it. Thanks for looking! Denver Landscape Photography